Tuesday, 26 May 2009

At last...

Well, after far too long prevaricating I've finally gone and done it! The time has arrived for me to join the 21st century!!

First came my website... still under construction but there none the less!

Second came this blog. Though I'm still unsure of how much I'll have to write here, I'm sure over time it will expand with my witterings on all things woolly and anything that annoys or surprises me in the world out there. I'm also planning a bit of a 'sub-blog' on the delights of having Lupus and Kidney Failure (for some reason I always capitalise those!).

And this morning I've set up a shop on folksy.com in order to extend the list of those lucky people who have one (or more :-)) of my amazing handbags! But true to form there is nothing to actually buy yet!

All of which means that I now really need to get the half dozen or so bags 'on the hook' finished. So.... I'll be back later!

Emma x

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